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Analysis of Database for Backup And Restore Operation

During the developing of MySqlBackup.NET, I gradually need a lots of analysis and detail information about the connected database of MySQL.

All of these reports and information are grouped together and a tool is born - Database Analyser.

I have placed the Database Analyser in MySqlBackup Demo and Diagnosis Tools. You can download it at [Download] section.

Run the program, click on [Database Analyser].

The analysis task will be carried out automatically.

A conclusion is located at the end of the report. Example:

You can export the report to html for future reference.

Below is a list of information that you can get within the report.

  • Database
    • Default char set
    • CREATE DATABASE sql statement
  • User Privileges
  • Database System Variables
  • Detail status and structure of tables
  • CREATE TABLE sql statements
  • Detail information about columns of each table
  • Detail information, inner sql statements of Procedure, Functions, Triggers, Events, Views

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