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Features and Limitations


  • Export/Import Table's Structures & Rows
  • Export/Import Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Events, Views
  • Custom Tables and Rows Export
  • Able to apply encryption to the process
  • Export BLOB and save as files
  • Gather SQL Syntax errors during Import process
  • Export/Import will report progress. Enable the usage of progress bar
  • Able to execute in Synchronous or Asynchronous mode.


Cannot handle multiple MEDIUMTEXT and MEDIUMBLOB data type. (some where more than 18MB length in single SQL query)

Multiple MEDIUMTEXT and MEDIUMBLOB will make (a single SQL) System.String and MySqlCommand.CommandText long enough to cause System.OutOfMemoryException.

This is not limited by the number of rows. MySqlBackup.NET can backup & restore millions of rows.

However, one thing for sure is, if the length of SQL can be inserted into MySQL database by any .NET application, MySqlBackup.NET is able to do so. Conversely, if you can't insert the SQL (because of the length) by any .NET apps, MySqlBackup.NET too can't.

If the user used in the MySql Connection has super privilege, then MySqlBackup.NET will set the max_allowed_packet to 1GB, which is the maximum length of single query of MySQL. 

MySqlBackup.NET is currently not able to backup & restore LONGBLOB and LONGTEXT data type.

It is somehow wondering that:

The computer has 4GB of RAM and there are still 2.5GB free, why the software still raise the exception telling that it is Out Of Memory?  

After some findings, 1 of the useful information may describe the problem:

Maybe there are some techniques out there that can tweaks the memory handling which allow a System.String able to hold a length of data up to 1GB. 

Or maybe, there is another method to replace this. However, this is still under investigation. 

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