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Welcome To MySqlBackup.NET Documentation

Prerequisite / Dependencies

MySqlBackup.NET relies on the following component to work.
  • MySQL dot net Connector/Net (MySql.Data.DLL)
    • A reference of this DLL must be added into your project in order for MySqlBackup.NET to work.
    • MySql.Data.DLL is developed by Oracle Corporation, licensed under GPL License (


Reminder 1

MySqlBackup.NET (or MySqlBackup.DLL) stands on top of MySql.Data.DLL which also stands on top of .NET Framework, which uses UTF8 encoding by default.
If your database involves any UTF8 or Unicode Characters. You must use a MySQL database with default character of UTF8 while handling Unicode Characters, such as
  • Western European specific languages, the character of 'À', 'ë', 'õ', 'Ñ'.
  • Russian, Hebrew, India, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese characters, etc.
and you are recommended to apply the connection string option of charset=utf8. Example:


Reminder 2

DateTime conversion between MySQL and .NET Framework. In MySQL, there are various of DateTime format, such as null value or Date only data. But, in .NET Framework, there is no null value (or Date only) for DateTime. This error is not caused by MySqlBackup.DLL. MySql.Data.DLL (developed by Oracle) has decided to throw an exception of Data Conversion Error. Therefore, you are strongly recommended to apply the connection string option of convertzerodatetime=true. Example:


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