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About Database Information Report

Getting Database Information Report


This report can be acquired in MySqlBackupTestApp.exe > Tools > Database Info Viewer

This report is very useful in bugs solving.

Database Information Report contains all important information that are needed in writing and solving bugs for MySqlBackup.NET.

Let's take an example, some programmers might received the error message:

Error - Packets larger than max_allowed_packet are not allowed.

This is because the length of single SQL query is larger than allowed value.

The limit of the length of single SQL query is defined in the server variable of max_allowed_packer. Default value is 1MB (1024 x 1024 bytes).

If you have your MySQL Server's max_allowed_packer to 32MB, you will never receive this error message.

The same bug does not appear to all programmers. This is due to the different settings and environments of MySQL Database among programmers and developers. This report might contains the key point for discovering the cause of problem.

To export the report, press the button [Save as HTML File].

You can also create a sample database and sample project that creates the problem at:

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